Westbound & Down: flat tires, sore knees and discovering the ultimate way to travel

a film by Adrian Palenchar and Lacey Worel.

Two first-time bike tourists take on the Oregon and California coasts. In this 20-day adventure, Lacey and Adrian ride from Ft. Steven’s State Park, Ore., to San Francisco, Ca.

N to Ditmars

a film by Jillian Buckley

Adrian Palenchar takes us on a tour of some of the most cherished attractions of the upper west corner of Queens, NY. From the “bomb fully loaded” sandwhich to the Spaten at the Beer Garden, it’s a hysterical romp through the oddly numbered avenues of this mysterious borough.

Welcome to the Stage

a mini-series about stand-up comedy

The show features comedians such as Pamela Ames, Janine Brito, Dana LoVecchio, Adrian Palenchar and many more as they go from weekly open mics at laundromats to historical comedy clubs like The Purple Onion and San Jose Improv. It’s based on an idea Pamela had and director/editor Loren Risker helps turn her vision into reality.

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